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At first I wasn’t terribly interested in TESO because I was doubtful of an online platform being able to sustain the vastness of the ES world. I was also skeptical of it being lore-rich because the trappings of an online environment tends to water lore down. See: The Warcraft franchise and its current state of complete dumbed down fuckery. (Not saying the source material was the Holy Grail in the first place though.)

These are still my concerns, however, some of those were alleviated with this video. Most interestingly, the idea of world phases within a “megaserver.” You can be placed on a priority system to slot you into a world phase based on friends, guild, party, and INTERESTS. You actually have to check off what you’re interested in a survey! This means less chance (though not 100%) of dudebros in your RP. Holy shit.

Secondly, there are going to be THREE factions. PvP is always better with three factions, as it reduces the chances of one faction completely dominating. It also doesn’t cause players to harbor as much useless hate in one place. See: Fucking Warcraft.

Third, apparently provinces are going to retain their single player sizes!

Lastly, actual locked targeting! This is awesome for disabled players!

Things I don’t like? It has a class system, rather than choosing skills to form your own. Boo. I also don’t see how the modding community will fit into TESO and that is a shame.


Posted April 23, 2013 by Olympia Davis in Uncategorized

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