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Here are some random screenies. Luna Bartlebee walking around (over the past few days I haven’t really played Skyrim much, but during that time I did I took these screenies) then Erixa Nightlocke (who is probably not going to be created more) dodging spiders. Then back to Adalaide with her Elder Scroll. For a quest I have to go find a Redguard book and also had to complete elder weapons because of some stupid reason that it’s inside that cavern… not sure if it’s radiant or not — yup it’s radiant — but now I have to find the original elder scroll. Did I mention I upgrading my house best I can. I got Llewelyn the bard and I sort of just ignore him. But what I love is that no one goes to my alchemy lab so she can be alone in there. Oh and her garden thrives, and I need to plant yellow moutain flower. It’s really rare, I didn’t know it existed until I played Dawnguard, and I forgot about it until my second playthrough. Btw I cured Adalaide. After I went into the Soul Cairn as a vamprie I got cured as I came out pretty much. Anyway which of my new characters would you like to see more of

Erixa Nightlocke — Aspiring Alchemist/Mage who learns from Neloth, Crystal — Companion, A bard… maybe a spot on thief, I have a good outfit for that. Anyway which character should I develop. Vote up! I will actually try to complete the main questline with them oh and don’t forget about Luna Bartlebee the alchemist who’s studying under Angeline

Who will it be?


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